Blend your data together and turn them into actions.

Simplified Big Data Platform

A Platform for discovering opportunities in your data

Big data lays the basis for any critical business decision, hence the key to gaining any upper edges. This comes with a set of complex and challenging hurdles for the business to face. However, with Blendata, we can help you manage and unlock this key hidden within your Big data, ensuring your business a pleasant and efficient data-driven journey.

Manage your data on one platform


Blendata can gather data from anywhere, albeit System logs, Cloud or On-premise storages with support for most well-known databases such as Oracle, mySQL, Amazon S3, and many more.


Blendata platform comes with built-in data and access management tools, allowing you to customize and organize your Big data system to be tailored to any of your business organization and security needs.


Blendata can transform your data, unlocking their hidden ‘opportunities’ into a cleaned and ready-to-use set of data using query techniques. With our platform, this can be done with or without coding, in which this process can be automated with a built-in Job Scheduler or performed with near-real-time streaming.


The processed data can now be used in various ways such as feeding into Blendata’s built-in BI tool to create dashboards or reports for any day-to-day operation, setting conditional notification for monitoring, exporting data from the system with Auto-Export, or even connecting and loading the processed data to other platforms or applications via APIs.

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Drive your business with data.

Blendata, an all-in-one Big data platform that requires no coding!

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